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Mamsa Shodhana is a synergy of herbs that purifies rakta dhātu by clearing excess pitta doṣa accumulated during sustained physical activity. It can be drunk hot in winter or iced in summer. During the hot season, you can prepare a large quantity at a time as a decoction (3 sachets for a litre of water), then let it cool and bottle it. It can be kept for several days in the fridge. Sanskrit:
Māṃsa = muscle
Shodhana = detox

Mamsa Shodhana

Sport recovery

Ayurvedic benefits

Based on the principles of Ayurvedic herbalism or “Dravya Guṇa”, Mamsa Shodhana is a synergy of plants that purifies Rakta Dhatu (blood) by evacuating the excess Pitta resulting for intense exercise.
This infusion facilitates recovery after exercise.
It is also detoxifying by its action on the liver.
It can be enjoyed hot in winter or cold in summer. For hot seasons, you can prepare a large quantity at a time. You may then let it cool down and put it in a bottle in the refrigerator.

Properties of the ingredients:

Nut grass*:

   Increases nutrient absorption
   Cerebral tonic

   Against inflammation
   Strengthens the nervous system
   Rehydrates the skin

Ceylon cinnamon*:
   Stimulates the immune system

   Muscle relaxant


Lady’s Mantle*:

Milk thistle*:
   Venous system tonic

   Against joint and muscular pains

   Nervous and brain tonic

   Relieves muscle and rheumatic pain

Black pepper*:

Cypress (HE)*:
   Venous and lymphatic decongestant

*: From organic farming


Nut grass*India
Ceylon cinnamon*Madagascar / Sri Lanka
Lady’s Mantle*France
Milk thistle*France
Fenugreek*India / France
Licorice*India / Spain / Italy / Egypt
Clove*India / Madagascar / Sri Lanka / Tanzania
Black pepper*Sri Lanka / India / Madagascar
Cypress*France / Spain

*: From organic farming


Rasa (taste): sweet, bitter and spicy.
Guṇa (quality): dry, light.
Vīrya (energy): cold.
Vipāka (result): pungent.


Use one tea bag of Mamsa Shodhana for 200 ml of boiling water.
Steep 8 to 10 minutes.
Drink one to four cups a day.
May be drank with rice milk.


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