गुण means “quality”

When you drink an infusion, the first thing you perceive is taste.
Moreover, when you have it in your mouth, you can appreciate the quality, called “Guṇa” in Sanskrit.
It may be light or heavy; unctuous or dry; mild or penetrating.

Here is the list of infusions and their qualities:

Aditi : unctuous and light.
Atma Chaï : light and dry.
Buddhi : light and dry.
Dauhridaya : light.
Dravata : balanced in dry / unctuous, light / heavy.
Hima Paka : balanced in dry / unctuous, light / heavy couples.
Kala Pushpa : unctuous, heavy and penetrating.
Mamsa Shodhana : dry, light quality.
Mano Shanti : unctuous, heavy and penetrating in quality.
Nava Vasanta : balanced in wet / dry, light / heavy couples.
Nidra : abrasive, light, penetrating.
Pramati : dry, light and penetrating.
Rakta Pushpa : dry, light.
Sandhi : light, dry and unctuous.
Shodhana : penetrating.
Tikshnapaka : dry, light and penetrating.
Virya : unctuous, light or heavy.
Yoni : balanced in untuous / dry and heavy / light couples.

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