Heavy flow

Rakta Pushpa is a synergy of herbs that help balance “red flowers” or an overly abundant cycle. These herbs are mainly: sweet, bitter and pungent in taste (rasa); dry, light in quality (guṇa); cold in potential (vīrya); pungent in nature after metabolization (vipāka). This infusion alleviates disorders of pitta nature in general while balancing the other two doṣa. It should be consumed over a long period of time and not just at the time of menstruation.
Sanskrit: Rakta = red; Puṣpa = flowers

Rakta Pushpa

Heavy flow


Envelope fraicheur compostable

  • Our freshness envelope, despite resembling plastic, is made from cellulose therefore compostable.
  • Our teabags and string are also compostable.
  • Our tag is made from recyclable PEFC™ paper.

Note: we sell the majority of our infusions only in tea bags and not in bulk. The difference in density of the ingredients would make the heavier ones fall to the bottom of the container. Thus, the mixture would lose its homogeneity and the medicinal proportions would not be preserved.

Ayurvedic benefits

Based on the principles of Ayurvedic herbalism or “Dravya Guṇa“, Rakta Pushpa is a synergy of plants that balances “red flowers”: an abundant and painful cycle. This infusion alleviates disorders of Pitta in general while balancing the other two doshas.


Nut grass*India
Ceylon cinnamon tree*Madagascar / Sri Lanka
Lady’s Mantle*France
Milk thistle*France
Fenugreek*India / France
Licorice*India / Spain / Italy / Egypt
Clove*India / Madagascar / Sri Lanka / Tanzania
Black pepper*Sri Lanka / India / Madagascar
Cypress*France / Spain

*: From organic farming


Rasa (taste): sweet, bitter and pungent.
Guṇa (quality): dry, light.
Vīrya (energy): cold.
Vipāka (result): pungent.


Use one tea bag of Rakta Pushpa for 200 ml of boiling water.
Steep 8 to 10 minutes.
Drink one to four cups a day.
May be drank with rice milk.

Vaidya's advice

• Relax, but avoid long naps after meals.
• Take food that is of cold, unctuous, easily digestible nature. Do not over eat.
• Avoid food that is too spicy, salty, sour and fermented (all “hot” in nature).

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