रस – Rasa

means “taste” or “flavor”.

When you drink your infusion, the first thing you perceive is its flavor, called “Rasa” in Sanskrit.
Once swallowed, after passing through the throat, an after taste might occur, it is called “Anurasa” in Sanskrit.

In Ayurveda, Rasa is made up of 6 flavors:

– Sweet: Madhura

– Sour: Amla

– Salty: Lavana

– Pungent : Katu

– Bitter : Tikta

– Astringent : Kashaya

Our infusions are made up of several plants and can have several flavors at the same time.
Depending on your palate, you may or may not be able to identify these different tastes.

Here is the list of infusions and their flavors:

Aditi : sweet, astringent and slightly bitter after taste.
Atma Chaï : pungent and slightly bitter and sweet.
Buddhi : bitter, pungent and astringent, slightly sweet in aftertaste.
Dauhridaya : sweet, astringent and sour.
Dravata : sweet, bitter and sour with a slight pungent aftertaste.
Hima Paka : sweet, bitter and sour.
Kala Pushpa : sweet and spicy.
Mamsa Shodhana : sweet, bitter and pungent in taste.
Mano Shanti : sweet and pungent in taste.
Nava Vasanta : sweet, bitter and astringent with a slight pungent aftertaste.
Nidra : bitter, astringent, sweet and pungent.
Pramati : pungent.
Rakta Pushpa : sweet, bitter and pungent.
Sandhi : astringent, bitter and pungent sometimes a slightly sweet aftertaste.
Shodhana : bitter, pungent and sweet in the aftertaste.
Tikshnapaka : spicy sometimes slightly bitter in aftertaste.
Virya : sweet.
Yoni : sweet, bitter, sour and astringent with a slight pungent aftertaste.

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