Once menopausal, the woman is affected by the reign of vāta which creates obstructions by drying up the body. Vāta takes the ascendancy over pitta and two phenomena occur depending on which type of woman you are. Either, the water element leaves the body in a hurry and drains away leaving your body dry, with weight loss, fatigue, sadness and anxiety. Pitta, the fire, can then express itself as dry heat that irritates you. Or the water does not drain away, it is storage in the tissues and weight/volume gain, pitta is then expressed as wet heat. In both cases, vāta is blocked and pressurises with pitta, creating a ‘pressure cooker’ phenomenon. When the valve lets go, the famous hot flashes occur. This infusion regulates these phenomena by lowering vāta.

Nava Vansanta



Envelope fraicheur compostable

  • Our freshness envelope, despite resembling plastic, is made from cellulose therefore compostable.
  • Our teabags and string are also compostable.
  • Our tag is made from recyclable PEFC™ paper.

Note: we sell the majority of our infusions only in tea bags and not in bulk. The difference in density of the ingredients would make the heavier ones fall to the bottom of the container. Thus, the mixture would lose its homogeneity and the medicinal proportions would not be preserved.

Ayurvedic benefits

Based on the principles of Ayurvedic Herbalism or “Dravya Guṇa“, Nava Vasanta is a plant synergy that promotes comfort in postmenopausal women. This mixture corrects the wrong direction of Vāta and balances Samāna Vāyu in the abdomen. It balances Pitta by liberating Rasa and Rakta dhātu from Āma while strengthening the digestive fire. Rasāyana plants, which maintain the health and stability of dhātus, fortify this synergy.


Centella*Sri Lanka
Brahmi*Sri lanka / Nepal
Long pepper*Sri Lanka / Nepal
Spearmint*India / Morocco

*: From organic farming


Rasa (taste): sweet, bitter and astringent with a slight spicy aftertaste.
Guṇa (quality): balanced in wet / dry, light / heavy qualities.
Vīrya (energy): mostly cold.
Vipāka (result): sweet.


Use a tea bag of Nava Vasanta for 200 ml of boiling water.
Let it steep for 10 to 12 minutes.
Drink one to four cups a day.

Vaidya's advice

Do not retain basic urges: to urinate, pass stool, sneeze, yawn etc…

Preferably follow a vegetarian diet, although it should not be felt like a frustrating restriction.

Meditation, relaxation, Yoga … every day.

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