विपाक – Vipāka

means “result”.

After drinking your infusion, and feeling the taste (Rasa), quality (Guṇa) and energy (Vīrya), the infusion is integrated into your body, Vipāka is the perception of this integration.

Below is the list of infusions and their respective Vipaka:

Aditi : sweet.
Atma Chaï : pungent.
Buddhi : pungent.
Dauhridaya : sweet.
Dravata : pungent.
Hima Paka : mainly pungent.
Kala Pushpa : balanced sweet and pungent.
Mamsa Shodhana : pungent in nature.
Mano Shanti : balanced sweet/hot nature after metabolization.
Nava Vasanta: sweet.
Nidra : pungent.
Pramati : pungent.
Rakta Pushpa : pungent.
Sandhi : pungent.
Shodhana : pungent.
Tikshnapaka : pungent.
Virya : sweet.
Yoni : pungent.

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