After 120 days of pregnancy

Dauhridaya is meant to be consumed from the 120th day of pregnancy, when the child’s senses have awakened and begin to transmit its desires to the mother. This synergy of plants protects the child and prepares the tissues of the perineum for childbirth. Dauhridaya is refreshing, decongesting and soothing. It impacts the circulatory, urinary and digestive aspects.


After 120 days of pregnancy


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Note: we sell the majority of our infusions only in tea bags and not in bulk. The difference in density of the ingredients would make the heavier ones fall to the bottom of the container. Thus, the mixture would lose its homogeneity and the medicinal proportions would not be preserved.

Ayurvedic benefits

Dauhridaya, 2 hearts in Sanskrit, is an infusion to drink after 120 days of pregnancy. It helps the pregnant woman and the child she is waiting by easing the inconveniences of this period. It is refreshing, decongestant, soothing and regulates the transit.

Based on the principles of a branch of Ayurvedic herbology called Pushpa Āyurveda: “the science of flowers”, Dauhridaya is a synergy of plants that promotes harmony between the mother and her child. This mixture balances the three Doshas. It is “sattvic” in nature.


Tulsi Vana*, Rama *, Krishna *India
Lemon grass*India / Egypt / Portugal / Paraguay
Black elder*France / Poland
Hibiscus*Burkina Faso
Common nettle*France

*: From organic farming


Rasa (taste): sweet, astringent and sour.
Guṇa (quality): light.
Vīrya (energy): balanced.
Vipāka (result): sweet.


Use a tea bag of Dauhridaya for 200 ml of boiling water.
Steep 8 to 10 minutes.
Drink one to four cups a day.

Vaidya's advice

•” Tell her/him it with flowers … “, use nonviolent communication.
• Apply warm oil (sweet almond, sesame …) to your abdomen, chest and extremities several times a week.
• Avoid any food or activities that aggravate Vāta dosha.

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Dauhridaya - après 120 jours de grossesse, infusion pour femmesAfter 120 days of pregnancy