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Kala Pushpa is a synergy of herbs that balances the “black flowers”, i.e. a female cycle that is too discreet and has lost its rhythm. It should be consumed over a long period of time and not just at the time of menstruation. This formula controls vāta by regulating and releasing it in its apāna form. Apāna is the ‘downward’ manifestation of vāta which according to the Āyurveda controls menstruation, defecation and urination among other things. This tea also balances kapha doṣa and promotes the expulsion of pitta in its mala (waste) form.

Kala Pushpa

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Envelope fraicheur compostable

  • Our freshness envelope, despite resembling plastic, is made from cellulose therefore compostable.
  • Our teabags and string are also compostable.
  • Our tag is made from recyclable PEFC™ paper.

Note: we sell the majority of our infusions only in tea bags and not in bulk. The difference in density of the ingredients would make the heavier ones fall to the bottom of the container. Thus, the mixture would lose its homogeneity and the medicinal proportions would not be preserved.

Ayurvedic benefits

Based on the principles of Ayurvedic herbalism or “Dravya Guṇa“, Kala Pushpa is a synergy of plants that balances the “black flowers”: a lessened feminine cycle which has lost its rhythm and may be troublesome. This concoction controls Vāta by regulating it in its Apāna form. Apāna is that “downward” force which according to Ayurveda controls menstruation, defecation, urination etc. This herbal tea balances Kapha dosha and promotes the expulsion of Pitta in its Mala (waste) form.


Vyshnavi, June 2nd, 2018

“I am 29 years old and have had very irregular periods for the past 3 years. I drink 1 cup of KALA PUSHPA tea every evening before going to bed and I am very much happy with the results. Within a month and a half, I could literally feel a difference in my mood fluctuations that drastically reduced. And my periods got much more regularized from 15 days once to 27-28 days once within 2 months. It has improved my health to a great extend, I feel less tired, more at peace regarding my menstrual cycles.
Thanks a lot for the wonderful teas you propose.”


Greater galangal*India / Indonesia
Ceylon cinnamon tree*Madagascar / Sri Lanka
Fenugreek*India / France
Turmeric*Indonesia / Madagascar / India
Nutmeg*India / Madagascar
Carvi*Germany / Austria / Egypt
Green mandarin*Italy / Brazil

*: From organic farming


Rasa (taste): sweet and pungent.
Guṇa (quality): unctuous, heavy and penetrating.
Vīrya (potency): hot.
Vipāka (post digestive taste): balanced sweetness/pungency.


Use a tea bag of Kala Pushpa for 200 ml of boiling water.
Steep 8 to 10 minutes.
Drink one to four cups a day.
When the drink becomes lukewarm, you may add a pinch of Himalayan salt and squeeze some lemon juice into it.

Vaidya's advice

• Use a hot water bottle on your abdomen.
• Avoid excessive exertion, whether intensive or endurance exercise.
• Daily apply hot oil on your body, except during your period.
• Take a break…

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