For sleep – Vata

The Nidrā infusion is intended to correct problems with insomnia and facilitate sleep. It also acts to soothe and eliminate reawakening throughout the night and the inability to fall back asleep. Nidrā allows a deep and restful sleep.


For sleep – Vata


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  • Our freshness envelope, despite resembling plastic, is made from cellulose therefore compostable.
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Note: we sell the majority of our infusions only in tea bags and not in bulk. The difference in density of the ingredients would make the heavier ones fall to the bottom of the container. Thus, the mixture would lose its homogeneity and the medicinal proportions would not be preserved.

Ayurvedic benefits

Sleep (Nidrā) is one of the 3 pillars of our health along with diet (āhāra) and control of our senses

Our Nidrā infusion, helps the first tissue Rasa dhātu to hydrate the body naturally and thus protect the ‘nervous’ system from ‘getting electrified’. Rasa dhātu, once balanced, allows Kapha to weight down the vigilance of the senses and to promote sleep with plants such as black horehound or valerian. This infusion is therefore to be taken if you have difficulty falling asleep due to too much mental contemplation or if your sleep is light and you have difficulty falling back to sleep at night after being awakened.

Ashwagandha helps to repair restless sleep due to excess stress. The combination of lavender, angelica and nutmeg promotes a natural state of relaxation that is conducive for sleep. In France, cow’s milk is very much opposed. However, in India, people fall asleep with a glass of milk which increases Kapha. Thus, our Nidrā infusion can be drunk with milk and a teaspoon of organic blond sugar.

According to Ayurveda sleep is caused by the withdrawal of Kapha and Tamas into the lodge of hṛdaya (the heart). This condition allows Vāta to slow down its activity and thus induce an alteration of consciousness conducive to sleep. The unimpeded flow of Kapha and Tamas through the cognitive channels (saṃjñāvaha srotāmsi) is therefore fundamental because once located in the heart they will both cause the loss of connection (saṃnikarṣa) between the mind (manas), the senses (indriya) with their objects (arthā) forcing prāṇa and manas (the mind) to retract in turn. Consciousness can thus settle in its preferred seat, the heart, causing a change of state in our whole structure which we call Nidrā (sleep).

Rasa Dhātu is a liquid tissue which is the main vehicle of Kapha. If Rasa dhātu becomes too dry (infused with vāta), it will deprive Kapha of circulating and settling properly in Hṛdaya (the heart) and result in nidrānāśa: insomnia, difficulty in falling asleep, waking up at night with difficulty in getting back to sleep.

Our Nidrā infusion frees Vāta from its obstructions with itself (āvaraṇa), Pitta and Kapha in Rasa dhātu. Once Rasa dhātu is balanced, it becomes the ideal vehicle for Kapha, allowing it, among other things, to establish itself physiologically with Tamas in the site of the mind (the heart) engendering a relaxation conducive to sleep and continuity of sleep.


Black horehound*France
Mace*Sri Lanka

* : from organic farming


Rasa (taste) : bitter, astringent, sweet and pungent.
Guṇa (quality) : grating, light, penetrating.
Vīrya (energy) : warm.
Vipāka (result) : pungent.


Simple :
One Nidrā teabag for 200ml of boiling water
Steep 12 minutes..
Drink one to three cups a day.

Sweetened with Milk:
Steep 2 teabags of Nidra in 200ml of boiling water for 3 minutes
Add 100 ml of milk
Continue to boil the mixture until the liquid reduces to 100ml
Add a teaspoon spoon of sugar
Drink 30 minutes before bed and after a light meal

Vaidya's advice

• In the evening, to cut off your daytime activity, massage the ears, stomach and soles of the feet with warm oil.
• Your bedroom should be neither a work space nor a space for intellectual distraction.
• Eat lightly before 7pm and drink warm and smooth half an hour before bedtime.

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